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What does Plant Secure Technology do?

At Plant Secure Technology we have developed security solutions to meet the specialist needs of securing plant and protecting sites. We install leading, innovative technology at site and on plant to prevent theft – with over 18000 machines operating on site at any one time – over £9 billion in value, it is business critical that sites are plant are properly protected.
Plant Secure Technology has a number of approaches to securing site & plant:

1. Site office protection – basic, traditional security for the site office. We professionally install a security system to meet your needs including a door contact, movement detector, alarm panel to secure the site building;

2. Takex beam to alert you to any movement of plant – the professional installation of a takex beam effectively prevents the plant being moved without an alarm being activated; Reading Plant Security
Takex Beam

3. Hardwired plant connection to deter and prevent plant movement – Plant Secure Technology bespoke hardwired application is the ultimate protection method. Acting as a deterrent, physically preventing movement and ensuring alarm activation this is the method that ultimately prevents theft;

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4. Site & plant monitored CCTV to alert, inform and action a response – professionally positioned CCTV cameras (up to 4) to cover plant and key entrance/exits to site with full monitoring gives added protection and peace of mind. The site/plant can be professionally monitored and accessed by you to minimise false alarms and maximise response to any attempted theft;

Plant Security Reading
Site and Plant CCTV security

5. Audio listening in and communication to warn intruders away from site – this gives you the power to hear what is happening on site and do something about it with immediate results – literally announce that you are aware of the intruders, insist on them leaving empty handed or else;

6. Full monitoring, maintenance & guarding solutions – at Plant Secure Technology we use the highest quality service providers to ensure full movement, audio & video monitoring; continuous high quality maintenance & rapid response guarding solutions.

Plant Security Reading

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